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I Wish I Was The Moon Tonight...

"Don’t get too high and mighty, ladies. Don’t step out of line. Don’t do anything to upset or disappoint men who feel entitled to your time, bodies, affection or attention. Your bared body can always be used as a weapon against you. You bared body can always be used to shame and humiliate you. Your bared body is at once desired and loathed."

Roxane Gay: The Great Naked Celebrity Photo Leak of 2014 is just the beginning (via guardian)





Douchey Rich Kids of Snapchat (24 Pics)


"You know, you don’t get a bonus for making her fall in love with you."



ʖ haha got ur nose

( ͡°_ ͡°)

"i spam because i care"



He just successfully avoided the left boob grab. This whole interview is just made of gold.


confirmed. this movie wasn’t real.

22. toronto. in love with a Viking Vampire God who has taken over and ruined my life. I take absolutely no credit for any of the gifs and photos i post unless otherwise stated. 90% of my posts will be reblogs since i have no idea how to make gifs. If you see one of yours and wish for credit simply message me :)

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