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I Wish I Was The Moon Tonight...

Hey guys, I’m looking for kick ass Masters of Sex blogs to follow so if you have such a blog or know someone who does please do me a favour and like or reblog this so that i could follow yall :)

Thanks lovelies

↳  Eric Northman 
    True Blood  | 7.05  ”Lost Cause”

Kit Harington for Men’s Health UK, April 2014.


This is Lala at his best… “reading” Jessica.  Preach it, Lala.

absolutely loved this scene


This reaction gif was requested by Askarsfanforlife :)

Maybe useful in the future too!

I have a feeling I’ll be using this for the finale…

Love is like a curse 
the feelings slowly linger till it hurts 
and lies fall from your lips 
they seem to be forgotten when we kiss

such a kick-ass song

21. toronto. in love with a Viking Vampire God who has taken over and ruined my life. I take absolutely no credit for any of the gifs and photos i post unless otherwise stated. 90% of my posts will be reblogs since i have no idea how to make gifs. If you see one of yours and wish for credit simply message me :)

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